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To be able to best serve you we need to know which campsite you may want stay at. Please note that you can mix your stay at different campsites.

Please help us to help you. As far as possible provide as much information as possible on the dates you will want to stay and the way you would like to spend your camping holiday. You can do this by following the step by step forms and instructions below.


Campsite Details

Important notes:

  • Reservations at the Camp Grounds are made only if the equipment for camping is hired through the Madeira Camping Service. We apologise for those instances where the intention of the guest is only to make a camp ground reservation. You will need to do this direct with the Camp Ground Authorities. The Madeira Camping Service is principally a camping equipment hire service.
  • Please make sure you have read through our services before emailing us questions.

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Please choose a tent to rent below:
Please remember to select the amount of tents you require.


Please note that prices are for a minimum of 7 days.

How many tents for 2 persons: 980$00 per tent per day
How many tents for 4 persons: 1050$00 per tent per day
How many tents for 6 persons: 1150$00 per tent per day
How many tents for 8 persons: 1900$00 per tent per day

Sleeping Bags


Note: Sleeping bags include a sponge mat.
How many sleeping bags: 2400$00 per tent per week or part thereof.

Porto Santo Ferry Tickets




  • Departures daily at 08H00 in the morning from the Funchal Harbour.
  • Daily return voyages at 18H00 from Porto Santo to Funchal.

    (Estimated time of travel 3 hours and 30 minutes)


The Madeira Camping Service can reseve Ferry boat tickets for you.
Camping equipment hire entitles the guest to our service of pre-buying tickets:

How many Adult Passengers: 7 900$00 per ticket (return)
How many children up to 12 years: 3 950$00 per ticket (return)
First and last name of person responsible for tickets:
Departure date from Funchal:
Departure date from Porto Santo:


Renting a Car

Renting a car is often most the best way of enjoying the whole of the Madeira outdoors and adventure.

Under a special offer the users of the the Madeira Camping Service can qualify for a 5% discount on the total price of a car hired on

Please advise Amigos do Auto Rent a Car, if and when you make a booking, that you qualify for a 5% discount on the Rent a Car offer on this site: The Madeira Camping Service.


Please note that it is possible to rent a car and have it ferried across to Porto Santo.

This service is available by prior notification by the client. Click this box if you intend to hire a car and ferry it to Porto Santo and back:


Price for car transport on ferry: 16 800$00 PTE (Portuguese Escudos)
High Season Dates:  01-04-99 até 30-09-99


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