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Madeira and Porto Santo Map


The main island of the Madeira archipelago is situated on the parallel 33N and extending down to 3230' (Latitude).
It is situated across the longitude from 17 15' through to 16 15' .
This is roughly on the same latitude as Casablanca in Morrocco, or the islands of Bermuda in the Caribbean.
It is approximately 796 km from the African north coast.

The main island is 57 km long (east-west) and, at its broadest, 23 km wide (north-south), with a total area of 736.8 square km. This makes it comparable in size to Rhodes or Minorca.

Porto Santo, the only other populated island of the archpelago, is 36 km north east of Madeira and is much smaller, being 12 km long and 7 km wide.

The remaining islands consist of two groups, the Desertas and the Selvagens (not on map above): now designated as bird sanctuaries.


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Madeira Island is sometimes referred to the "Floating Basket of the Atlantic" because of its abundance of floriculture