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Welcome to Madeira


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Please help Mother Nature - help keep Madeira clean and avoid impacting nature with any untoward human activities that destroys the necessary harmony needed to keep the green and great outdoors in ecological balance:
as outdoor sports become more and more popular, trails and wilderness areas suffer from the increased use. You can help preserve the wilds by following these tips:

  • Stay on established trails to limit your impact on the area, and camp in the existing campsites.
  • Keep pollutants out of water sources by digging latrines or cat holes and washing at least 50 metres ( about 70 adult steps) from levadas and streams. Please avoid using the levadas ! Some levadas are actually used for drinking water !
  • Take along a litter bag. Pack out your own trash (including food scraps) and any litter you may find along the way.
  • Avoid building fires whenever possible. Use a stove for cooking and your clothing for warmth. If you must build a fire, use only established fire rings and burn only dead, down wood. Never cut living trees for firewood. Use small-diameter wood and always make sure your fire is completely burnt to ashes before going to sleep or leaving the site.

Some extra info you may find useful:


Although much of Madeira is reserved and protected by government supervision it is still incumbent on the camper and traveller to observe extra special care of the impact he or she will have on the nature in Madeira.