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Even during the 'rainy season' when up to 3,000mm (120in) can fall in the north-west of the island, and only 550mm (21in) in the south, heavy downpours only occur occasionally and it will not be long before the sun reemerges. On average, rain falls on forty-eight days of the year, ten of which are in November and about five each in the other winter months with the remaining rainy days shared out fairly evenly, although July and August are usually the driest months. Often misty clouds surround the island and the higher regions and even at midday clouds shroud the mountain peaks. In summer, the leste, a hot, dry wind, blows over Madeira from the Sahara for one, three or five days. February is the coolest month with average temperatures of 15C (59F), while visitors in August and September can expect temperatures of around 22C (71F). Temperatures rarely exceed 30C (86F). Sea water temperatures hover around 18C (64F) with lows in winter of 16C (60F) and highs in summer of 22C (71F).
The Tourist Office in Funchal has daily weather reports.

Madeira has a stark contrast to Porto Santo Island. Madeira is often green and lush. Porto Santo is often dry and warm.